Post installation customer experience


First off, the developer experience is great. Kudos and thanks :smile:

My app’s main feature is a board view. Some feedback regarding post installation customer experience:

  1. Would love for the user to be presented an option to choose post installation which board he’d like to add the app’s view to and then send him directly to the new view.

Right now, he’s finishes the installation process on the installed apps page, which means I’ll probably have to educate him what to do post installation on my website prior to sending him to Monday.

  1. The app’s view is pretty hidden - to add it, the user needs to click:
  • Add view
  • Go down to Apps in the menu (maybe change text to “Views by Apps”?)
  • In the Views Center, scroll down to account apps
  • Hover over the app to see the Add view button and click on it

Maybe make the app’s view a “featured view” post installation (for a period of time) and have it listed directly in the “All Views” menu, i.e. “View Name By App Name”?

  1. If my view needs oauth permissions, it may be a bit confusing for the user that he is presented twice with what might seem to him the same permission request. Maybe some text clarifying that on the two permission request pages?


Hey @rbabayoff !

Thank you so much for posting all of these on here - they’re awesome ! I’ve gone ahead and shared them internally with the dev team. I can’t provide an ETA at the moment - but I’d personally love to see some of these implemeneted.


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Hi @rbabayoff ,
Thank you for the amazing feedback- it really helps us to improve!
We will consider your suggestions and see how can it be integrated on our roadmap.
I really like your ideas and i hope that we will manage to fit some of them in our next releases.