Pre-initialized field in Form


My customer have the need to track satisfactions for several prestations in the same time. They have several teams, and one can organise an event while two others are performing actions / missions for the same customer but none of these actions/event are related to each other.

If the form could have a column preinitialised with value identifying the context (the event, the mission…) and the responder, the solution would be operationnal. It is with combination of other tool (CRM and Emails Campaign) so it need to be fully automatized, and from the CRM we know what event/mission is concerned and what is the adress Email of the concerned person, but we can not get the information into monday :frowning:

If we would be able to generate a link to the form with preinitialized values it would solve the issue.


Hey @vincentalleaume

Easyform can do exactly that. It allows you to set item default values in forms for any single and multiple select column, including Dropdown/ Status/ Group/ Priority/ Country and Label columns.

Read more about Item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide free training sessions if you need one.


Hello @Nachliel ,

thank you for your response,
from my understanding, what EasyForm provide is a way to initialize a default value for all the items that will be created by the form.
But it does not allow to set “” for a person, and “” for an other. The default value are the same for all the item submitted, am I right ?
I need a way to segment each item submitted automatically.


Yes, Easyform sets item default values for each form instance, so for example if I want to pre define the source of a lead I’ll use a different form for each source. For setting item specific values try using automations.

This would be extremely helpful. We’re looking at a survey for satisfaction with work orders, and right now we have to ask residents to copy over the work order number and enter their name and email, even though we already have access to all that information in the email we send them. Really should be possible to just add query parameters to the form URL and auto-fill that data.

Is there a centralized place where these requests get tracked? I’ve seen requests for this functionality for a couple of years now.

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