Hidden Form attribute to track source form used on boards

It would be great to have an option on the form settings that allows for a text entry so that when that form is used it populates a column in the item with that value. This can then be used to track which form was used to create the item.

+1 I was looking to do just this today.

I attempted to get around this by adding another column/field to the board/form and hiding the question on the form editor, but it doesn’t allow default text to be added to the field.

Hi @Nepenthes , i got around this by using a seperate board (duplicated from my original so i keep all the column headings) that the form is linked to and then use automations to move the new items created by the form to the board i needed them in.
To track the source form used you can set the Item default values on the seperate board the form is linked to.
I created a column called Enquiry Source and set its default value to “Company Website” for example.
Make sure the board you are going to move the items to has the same named column.
The automation you need is created on the form linked board as "When an item is created move item to name of destination board

I also had a Status column on both and as part of the automation i set the Status to New Enquiry.
Then any form submissions hit the seperate board, the default item valuses set the Enquiry Source column value to Company Website, the automation then kicks in and moves all the item to the board i need it to taking with it the Enquiry Source value and setting the status to New Enquiry.

Hope this helps!

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That sounds like a great work around. Thank you! I’ll try that.

Glad to help! I also set the board the form is linked to as private and only myself access. That way no one even knows it is there so no confusion over which board to go in to for the end users.

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How did you guys make default values on your forms?

Hi Joshua, depends on your requirements and how the items are getting to the boards.
You can use the default items option on the board, far right from the New Item button click the little dots and go to the Item Default Values option. This works best when items are created in the board, either manually or by automation.
If you are moving items from one board to another i’ve found that setting the default value in the automation that moves the items works best. When you create the automation to moveand item, when in the Item section of the flow you set what columns match up to from the source board to desttination. In this you can just type in what you want the value to be rather than pull it from a column on the source board so it is set when the item is moved.

Hey all

Easyform does exactly that. You can create a Source Status/ Dropdown column in your board and then have every form set a different default value for the source column. See here:

Item default values - source field

Read more about item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide free training sessions if you need one, and you can contact us at support@easyappshq.com as well.