How to create default value for a form?

Does anyone know how to create default values for forms? I want to have multiple forms that lead to the same board. it would be nice to set a default value on each form so I can know which website the lead filled out the form on.

Hi @InsulationGod ,

We have a few questions :slight_smile:

*How many different forms?
*Are the questions/layout very different from each other or similar/the same?
*Is the website each submission came from the only difference you need to track?

If the forms each need to be different in layout/questions, it may be a better idea to bring them into individual boards and use automations to signify the website they came from then bounce them all into a common board so you can get the reporting you’re looking for. if you want to talk about it - we’re happy to help!

Team Easy :slight_smile:

Hey @InsulationGod,

Easyform does exactly that. You can create a Source dropdown column in your board and then have every form set a different default value for the source column. See here:

Read more about item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide free training sessions if you need one.


Its going to be 4 different forms.

They are all almost identical.
It is just the website/landing page that will be the difference

Nice one @rbabayoff - just checked out Easyform and it looks fantastic :slight_smile:

@InsulationGod ,

If it’s only 4 forms, and if that is not likely to change or increase by much, you may wish to use a workaround. One way to achieve a work around for this would be to have the 4 forms on 4 separate boards, adding an additional status column to each board and use item default values to set the status as which website the form link has been posted on. You could also use automation if preferred over item default values.

You’ll end up with 4 boards collecting the submissions, with visibility of where the submissions came from. On each of those 4 boards, you can add the automation recipe as below:


Set up a 5th board so you can collect all the form submissions from each form (including a status label to signify where they came from) and then you’ll be able to report from that. Shouldn’t be too much work as they’re mostly identical - you can create the most complex of them and duplicate/adjust from there! if it doesn’t make sense.

Team Easy :slight_smile:

thanks I ended up doing this and it works