Status showing which form row was generated from

We have a master database that is fed by two forms for different services. I would like to somehow have a column to let me know which form the row came in through so I can create automations to push it to the appropriate board.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @outlaw26r,

If you only want to differentiate between 2 forms, you could add a column that you display and make mandatory in one form and hide in the other one. For instance a checkbox.

Here is another workaround that works for more than 2 forms:
See How to create default value for a form?

Not great, but since we can’t hide a field + select a default value…

hey @outlaw26r

Easyform does exactly that. You can create a Source Status/ Dropdown column in your board and then have every form set a different default value for the source column. See here:

Item default values - source field

Read more about item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide free training sessions if you need one.


That is what I needed. Thank you so much!