Hidden options on a form from a status column

We use a form to get new requests for support. We want to be able to have a critical status option, but don’t want the requestor to select it. We want it for escalations only. We need to be able to “hide” an option on forms for status fields.

Hey @ScottGordy - I like this idea. Maybe as a workaround you can utilize a second status column. The one shown on the form has only the options you want visible and the second a duplicate with the additional option(s). Then have a set of automations to change the second status on item creation?

When item created and status = high change status2 to high (this would need to be created for each status).

Not ideal but may be enough until additional functionality is released.

Hope this helps!

Hey @ScottGordy @mark.anley

Easyform does exactly that. You can create a Source dropdown column in your board and then have every form set a different default value for the source column. See here:

Read more about item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide free training sessions if you need one.


That’s a good idea. I’ll try that and see.