How to customise form response in 'item' when a form is filled out

Does anyone know how to change the settings for forms so that when a form is filled out it the wording for the item created is customised? For example, a form from a board is filled out and it creates a new item, the wording in the item says “Enquiry 1234 - {enquiry subject}”.

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Are you referring to customising the item name in the first column in the board? If so, there are a few options to customise the data that goes into the first column.
By default, if the form is submitted, it will create a new item on the board that is called ‘New Form Submission’.

You can change this by adjusting the settings of the form so that your users can enter specific data that will populate the first column, instead of ‘New Form Submission’.
We find that in most cases when using the forms our customers tend to use the first column of the board to record the name of the person who filled out the form.
For this reason, you will find the following option within the form settings:

Checking this box will add a field to your form - the input into this field will be added as the item name when the form is submitted.
By default this field will be called ‘Name’, but you can easily rename it by clicking the field and typing your desired field name instead:

This will allow you to overcome the limitation of having each form submission have the same name, rather than something identifiable. You could name this as ‘Subject’ in order to fulfill some of what you’re looking for.
That said, because the item name will be whatever the user types into this field, it’s not possible to add restrictions to it that would make it fit the exact naming logic that you’d like to use (“Enquiry 1234 - {enquiry subject}”)

If you are looking to have a unique identifier for each form submission, I would recommend adding The Item ID Column.
This will allow you to display a unique number that is associated with each item.

Could this work for you?



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