Prioritize Timeline with "Hard Deadline"; "Soft Deadline"; "No Deadline"; "Open End"; "Client passed deadline"

In our workflow we have different timelines/priorities of projects and it would be nice to mark this in the timeline column so that everyone could see how “hard” a deadline is.
This could be a small information or an other color which could be selected in a checkbox to highlight the different timeline-/deadlinetypes. Maybe it would be possible to add some more features to the timeline column?

Hi @ITMC-Grafik - as a workaround you could use a Status column or alike to identify the type of deadline, then use Conditional Coloring to highlight the column or row in in different colors based on the type?

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi and thank you for this tipp.
At the Moment it looks like this (I hope you can see the screenshot) and there are already corresponding columns there. It would be difficult to add another one. And yes we are using a lot lot lot lot (15) of columns :slight_smile: Anything that could be put in one column would be very helpful to us like prioritizing deadlines.


Hi @ITMC-Grafik - Could you use your priority column to correspond to the priority of the deadline? Or is that Priority meaning something else?