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There doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way to make a priority column. I have seen a few examples of creating a priority column with a Status type, however doesn’t that have side effects because it’s required to have a “Done” status? Is this what people use, and if so what do they select as Done, and how does that effect things?

I’d like the column to operate like a status column - simple, colored, and with one option possible.

I am testing this out from Todoist, and I use priorities.

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A popular way to create a priority is to “recycle” the Status column and edit the labels to reflect levels of priority. The Status column is one of the most robust columns to use with automations also so it opens a list of things you can do with it once it is created (for example you can notify someone on a certain label).

If you are looking for an easy way to set a priority for your personal task list, I have also seen people using the rating column.

Hope this helps!

Ok, but it will make the “progress” component incorrect, and feels weird. Strange there is no good way to do this.

Hi @crystaln - Check out the settings in the Progress column, you can remove any Status columns that aren’t relevant to the actual “progress” of an item or task.

Also, you can handle the concept of “done” two different ways. Either set every value for your Priority column to “done” except for the default gray one, or you can have none of them mean “done”. Monday will default to the standard green color to = done but you can always go into the Status column settings and uncheck it.

Both approaches work, it’s just a matter of how you want to use the system. Most of our clients would make all of the priority rating values = “done” so they could later more easily filter down the board to all items that are not rated yet (not done).

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I would echo @jailynnlucidday and @PolishedGeek in suggesting the Status column for tracking the priorities of tasks.
As @PolishedGeek mentioned, you can use the settings of the Status column to define which label should indicate a completed task - you can select multiple labels if needed.

Alternatively, you could look at using a Number column and having numbered priority levels (i.e 1-4).
This would then allow you to create a hierarchy of the priority levels, which can be used for sorting tasks within boards or dashboards too :smile:

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