Private Tasks in Monday Android App

Hi all, I’m relatively new to Android after 10+ years on iPhones so maybe this isn’t a new feature but…
I recently noticed the Private Tasks feature on the home page of the Monday Android App. (Video here GroupApp).
Can anyone confirm this is available on iOS too? Seems to be nothing online about it, anyone have much experience with this feature?
(I checked and Private Tasks are in their own Board on desktop too so part of the ecosystem).
TIa Patrick

Hey Patrick :wave:

This is very interesting, and transparently a feature I am yet to come across in the iOS app too! I will reach out to our mobile team internally and get back to you with more information :pray:

Hi there,
we have also gone through monday iOS mobile application but did not find a built-in private task feature

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Update @botsquad - this feature has recently been released as an AB test, which is why you might be seeing it on your Android device. We will be releasing more AB tests on iOS/Web shortly so stayed tuned :slight_smile:

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I noticed this to and having desktop enabled would be great .
Use app to make action notes then can sit down and catch up on desktop version.
Could you indicate any leadtime for this roll out