Problems on dashboards loading time

Hello , i need support on this.
Before the new dashboard structure were announced, i was having a serious problem with the dashboards widgets loading time. The total dashboard widgets was taking about 2 minutes or more to load properly (in the middle time the browser freezes and doest give the control till all the widgets are loaded). In my use case for this dashboard i was using about 7 chart widgets , everyone linked to 5 similar boards, and this boards are with many information from about a year.

To be clear, creating a dashboard to contain 1 (one) widget its not the problem. Problem is when you make more complex the dashboard structure adding more and more widgets based on multiple boards wich have many information.

Talking about browser:

  • Chrome - 2 / 3 minutes loading time - it gives the best response.
  • Firefox - freezes every 15 seconds and suggest me to close the window.
  • Edge - freezes too and never load the full list of widgets.

Talking about speed connection:

  • We are from Argentina, not in the capital, so we dont have the best speed connection, but i was trying my mobile speed sharing it, and the results are the same.

Finally, with the new structure announce i was hoping to the dashboards widgets to load faster and solve my problem, but none of this happen.

So the question is, there is everyone who can assist me with a similar case?=
I dont want to make a dashboard for every widget to make this works.


Hey @hlopezvc - did you reach out to to report this?

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Yes @bradley they are studying this, and i will colaborate on testings.