Programmable timed status labels

Scenario: there is a bug in a library we use. We don’t know when will be published a fix. I created a task (you know it as pulse) to check on this problem later, in a month. We have status labels on each task. “Ready for development” is green, means we can work on this now. However, I want the task to have this in a month from now. When I click on the status column, there could be a timed status label, saying, “Waiting…” then when the period of time is done, the status is changed to “Ready for development”.

We have a similar thing already with an automation. When a task depends on another, we mark it with status “Waiting for”, and connect the other task, then the automation checks the task to be done, and marks it as ready. However, I am not sure if an automation would be able to handle this timed status change I write about above, because this has to be right in the selector on the column.


Maybe this is too specific a use case and is not worth the effort :slight_smile:

Hi @csicky

Welcome to the community. Not 100% sure if I fully understand your use case. There is an app called Delayed Status Change, see here. You can build automations with it that get triggered when a status is changed (e.g. into “Waiting for”) and a defined period later (e.g. 1 month) the status changes to “Ready for development”.

Hope that helps.

Super, I didn’t know! Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted, I didn’t even think to look in the apps. Cool.

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