Can I add delays to automations between tasks

Is it possible to add delays into automations between tasks?

For example, I have an automation where when one of the team mark an item as Completed in the status column it then moves that task to a ‘completed’ board, so that it is no longer in our live board.

However, it would be useful to add a delay between the team member marking the item as completed and the automation actually moving the task.

EG: we have a Monday morning team meeting where we review everything on our Workflow board. Right now, if an item is marked as ‘complete’ it’s removed from the board; however many team members don’t mark it complete right now because they want to explain that it’s been completed and any info they want to share around that.

If they could mark it complete and there was a delay of, say, 7 days it would mean that the completed item would be in the board for the weekly team meeting, but would have disappeared by the next one.

Hope that makes sense and if anybody knows how to add a delay that I have somehow missed I’d be grateful for the help!

Hi @markinapub

Welcome to the community! There is an app called Delayed Status Change that delays a status change on another staus change.

In that case you would change the automation that moves the item on another status (e.g. “Ready to Move”) and that status is set x amount time after the item is set to “Completed”

Ah, thank you - just installed it and it’s not quite what I’m looking for. It appears to only be able to change another status after a period of time, rather than perform another task. It’s a hack that would work by adding an additional status column and then running the move automation on that status, but I’m not sure I want to pay for an app that doesn’t do what I’m looking for.

Thank you for pointing it out though!