Delay Automations and Integrations

Because the integration with Freshdesk is basic and only one way, I have had to device a way to send updates back to the Freshdesk ticket, but I am having some issues with timing.

What I want to be able to do is:

  • Type an update in the update text column
  • Change the nominated Status column to “Send Update”
  • This triggers the integration to pick up the request and send through to Freshdesk
  • Monday to change the nominated Status column to “Awaiting Update”
  • Clear the update text column, ready for the next update.

Everything on this works but, unfortunately, not in the order that I need it to!

I can add the update, and change the status and that kicks off the integration which is fab. BUT, for some reason, when I switch on the further automations, it is clearing the text field before it has had a chance to send to Freshdesk, so the updates are blank which is frustrating.

I have tried doing other things like adding a numbers column and getting that to increase whenever the nominated Status is “Send Update” and then have this trigger the changing back of the status and removal of the text from the update field but it is just not long enough. The updates to Freshdesk come through within a minute or so, so the delay doesn’t have to be long.

Is there any way of delaying an automation so that it allows time for the integration to do its thing?