Delays with automations

Hello. I’m experiencing significant delays when running automations.

For example, I have an automation "When Status changes set Another Status to some value’. And when I change the Status column, it takes 5-10+ seconds for this automation to run and to set the Another Status value. Sometimes, the Another Status value never changes until I manually refresh the browser tab.

Same goes for other change-triggered automations (moving to the group, setting dates, etc).

Is that a general/known problem?

P.S. also a quick question about date automation: how can I set the relative date to the date column? For example, setting the date column value to “7 days from now”. The only option the “set date” action provides is “Today”. Right now I’m doing 2 actions for this - “set date” which sets Today’s date and “push date” which pushes the current date +7 days in future. This works but feels hack-y. Also, I get the double delay with this approach - when this automation triggers, it sets the column value to the current date and it gets pushed to +7 days only 5+ seconds later…


Anybody? :slightly_frowning_face:

hi @NodarDavituri

I too experienced some issues with monday (automations and integrations). At that time the monday status page also was showing connectivity issues. It looks much better now.