Add a short delay before 'move to baord' automations

When you have multiple automations running and one of them is move item to another board, you can’t control the order in which they run. So most times the item is moved and the other automations never ran.

I am posting dates before moving them but it doesnt work, so I am moving them manually in batches at the minute.

If you could build in a default delay on the ‘Move Item to board’ automations then this would allow us to move things automatically without there being missing data.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance

Some amazing updates on the dashboards lately with multiple boards being enabled on stacked charts :clap:

Hi @Jack - thanks for sharing this request! I’m wondering if you could use the following automation based on the date you’re adding to your items in order to move them after your other automations run:

With this automation, you could define the When to be 1 day after the due date in order to build in a delay. Do you think that sounds like it could work for you?

Hi thanks for your reply. I did play around with this but i decided against it as I only want to delay a minute or so max really before the lead moves over over to the closed board.

I worry that if they stay there for a day and for whatever reason they are updated again (e.g change their mind and and are moved back to active stage, or moved into closed by accident), that automation will still run and they will move the next day. As there is no visible schedule for automations or a way of cancelling them I’m not comfortable scheduling things too far in the future as it could get a bit messy.

Could you reorder your steps or put your move to another board automation on the last step in your process?

There seems to be no way to sequence the order of when an automation occurs. It would be great to have the order of operations numbered.

The order of which you see the automations in the automation center has nothing to do with the order they are being triggered/ executed.

There are two possible solutions to this (neither is implemented at the moment):

  1. Allow the user to select the order of automations
  2. Allow the user to set an internal delay (seconds) between the trigger and the effect of an automation

This would also be useful when moving item on status change: for example, when I change my status to “done”, the item moves to another group immediatly even before I can post an update.
If a delay is on, it has be to visible on the item.


Any idea if either of these changes are in the pipeline Monday Team?

The simplest solution IMO would be to add in a short delay on any ‘move to board’ automations. Just enough time for all other automations to run first.