Move to board having removed from original board AND a date thingy

I have an automation to move an item from one board to another based on status. How do I get it so it clears it from the original board once it is moved?

Also, when I move something to a board that is like a Sprint board, 7 days, 8-14 days and more. I have it so it puts it in the ‘more’ but would like to automate based on due date where it should go within a board.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @dori, thank you so much for posting about this!

To clarify, were you looking to have the item cleared entirely? If so, I would recommend using this automation:


That will ensure that the item does not remain on the original board. For more info, check this out :+1: Automations.

For the Sprint board, how about something like this?

Custom automations might be another helpful option: Build your own custom automation.