Moving a date from board to board

How do you move dates on a specific item from board to board? I am having trouble moving once an item is completed in one board to another.

The rest of the item moves but the date information does not move with.

I have made sure the date columns are named the same on both boards. I have tried multiple automations and yet nothing fills in on the date field. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Hi @mw01! Sorry this is snagging you up. I’m not sure what might be happening without seeing it in action. Could you a video or send me screenshots of the process?

Hi @mw01 !

Just checking in to see if you are still running into an issue with this. If so, it may make sense to reach out to and share a recording of the steps you’re taking and where the date fails to move. They will be able to further troubleshoot this with you from there!