Project: Website Development briefing tool

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a specialist to develop a Monday App of a website briefing tool. It should be a tool to collect information from the clients, such as texts, documents, images​ to develop the client’s website.

The project must contain the following features:

  • Create briefing templates to reuse and save time (The next time we send a request, we would just use the template and send it off with a few clicks.)

  • Fields like dropdown, radio button, color picker, attach image/file

  • Approve or request changes (Approving items or requesting changes right inside the platform. Include a comment when we request changes so our client knows what needs to be done.)

  • Organize briefings into folders or tags

  • Automatic​ reminders​ to​ remind​ our client that he/she needs to fill the briefing

Would be nice to have more users on this tool, but isn’t mandatory.

Also need to able to integrate with Zapier/Monday

A good tool reference for this job is ContentSnare​​

We use this platform​ nowadays​ and if you need I can give you access.

I’m available to help you with any doubts.

Many thanks

We here at JT’s Cloud would love to meet with you and discuss further your requirements. Our developers will be able to help you and provide you a proposal to implement this on your account.
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Look forward to helping you.
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