Prompt App to be added to Workspace if not shared with all Workspaces

Currently, a account with multiple workspaces can install a 3rd party app and limit it to use in only certain workspaces. However, the app appears to be available to all workspaces. It would be really nice to have a notification or prompt to add an app to a workspace if it is not really available. I spent a few days troubleshooting an app issue and pulled in the app developer only to realize the app had only been installed on one workspace. A simple prompt to add the app to the workspace where I needed to use it would have prevented a long wild goose chase.

Hello there @alex.walton,

That is a great point. I have added your vote for this request so it can hopefully be implemented soon :grin:


@Matias.Monday just an FYI Should an app be visible to create recipes in workspace it doesn't have access to? - #4 by TomFri