Proof of concept

I am trying to determine if I can set up an automated process using monday. I manage a series of classroom trainings. Each class is set up in one board as an item. One of they columns in that board is available seat count that is set when the class is first created in the board. So far, so good.

Next, I want people to be able to reserve a seat in a class. So I’ve set up a form where the requestor can provide details about the seat request (name, email, which class they want to attend, etc.). Form works just fine.

Now I want automation so that when a form is submitted (aka item created), it reduces the available seat count in the class (the form is in a separate board from the class). So I create a connect boards column. I can see that if I manually reduce the seat count in the one board, it auto-updates the seat count in the other board…perfect.

But how do I automate the connection? In other words, someone submitting the form would need to indicate the class they want to attend. And the automation would then use that class selection in the submitted form to link to the item in the other board. But then how can that then decrease the seat availability by one? I tried to set up an automation as “When new item is created, increase numbers by 1”, but the available seat count is not in the column list for the automation (as it’s just a connected column).

Does anyone have an idea of how to accomplish my use case and have it be automated? My goal is to have this be a process that doesn’t require me to check on seat request forms and manually have to do something to reduce the seat count for the class.

Hi There!

I have built something like this before and it is a involved build when it comes to the workflow and the connection of the data. However it is 100% possible to be automated and maintained.

Here are the parts I would recommend:

  1. Class Schedule - this board would be dedicated like you have with the information around the class, size and location that can then be the reference of the critical information.

  2. Registration Board - Have the selections ready for this board with reference status dropdown that allow for the correct selection that matches with the class wanting to be registered for.

  3. Class Registration Connection Board - move the item to this board form registration so that would have a class list for the registrants and allows for follow up on with the group with surveys and the like.

With these elements, you would utilize a web of MATCH automations and two-direction mirrored columns to then sum the total people registered in a class to subtract from the total available and notify you on when the class is full and which registrants can be on the wait list and auto notify them via email.

This can be all done with native automations and integrations and happy to help you draw up a concept and partner on a build as well!

Reach our directly here or through the form as this would be a great solution build!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike B
Automation Architect