Purpose for Having Two Tables in Same Board

Is there any benefit of having two tables in the same board? It seems like they mirror each at all times. I’d like to know if I can make use of having two tables in the same board. Thanks

One use case for adding another table view to a board that I have used is keeping the Main Table view as the primary view with everything on it, but saving a new table view with a filter that offers a more concise view into a board. This is particularly helpful when you have a board with a lot of items.
For example, a filtered view that hides all done items, or a filtered view that only displays items assigned to a certain team.

Hey @Lucas2 :wave:

The tables you’re referring to in a board we call ‘groups’. They’re extremely handy for breaking down items. Say you have a project for example, you can break it down into phases to keep the workflow clean and organised.

I hope this helps! If you ever need walkthrough or assistance on how to structure your boards, feel free to reach out.

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Amber | amber@upstreamtech.io