Push date depending on value in another column

Hi, when I get the status to Done I’m trying to get the ‘Next due’ column to move forward the number of months in the ‘Frequency’ column. For example it currently says Feb 22 and once the task is done it needs to be changed to Feb 23.

The best option I can find is this, but it does not let me pick the number of months by a different column.

How do I do it?

Hey @mark.sher! I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to integrate the numbers column into the recipe as the value that pushes the due date. This is a great suggestion that I will share with the team :pray: I recognise that this isn’t ideal however I’d recommend looking into 3rd party integrations to help achieve, for example integromat.

Incase it helps in any way (which I recognise it probably won’t) at this time, this recipe is the closest to what you’re hoping to achieve:

Thanks for your understanding in advance!

@BiancaT Thank you that is very helpful. However my dates are part of subitems and I can’t select them in the automation?

Oh no :frowning: It appears that the subitems are not currently supported for this automation - I am really sorry for the setback here! I’ll relay this internally with our team :pray: