Query a board view

Hi there.
im trying to query a boards view.
But i’m not able to manage this task.
GraphQL is just new for me so i have to learn a lot.

This data is which i want to get in my json is ->boards/1154902600/views/1336234
and only the data in the view 1336234 is interesting so not the whole board.
Can anyone show me the right way how to set up my query???
thank you.

D. Jurisic

Hi @Dalibor,

The API is unable to access board view data. However, board views usually get their data from boards, and board data is accessible through the API.

We offer a Board View API but it’s for basic information, such as board view type, ID, name, settings. If the board view is a form, the Board View API will also let you access view data.