Querying subitem boards for Power BI

My understanding is that sub items are simply just another board that you can query. At least, that’s the way it used to be before January 15th. Has that changed?

I am using the following query which, if my understanding is correct, should return all all columns and all rows of the board

boards(ids: BOARD_ID) {
items_page(limit: 100) {
items {
column_values {
column {

It kind of works. When I use the board ID for a subitem board, it returns all of the columns and rows. However, not all of the columns have data.

It appears that only four columns aren’t importing data values. If I didn’t need the values from one of the columns, I wouldn’t really care.

I use this to import data into Power BI. I’ve already checked out Howard Bouk’s Power BI import here: Using Power BI to retrieve boards using Cursor-based pagination - #28 by Matias.Monday

I am familiar enough with Power BI that I’m comfortable importing main boards and subitem boards separately and linking them in Power BI. However, I need to be able to successfully import the subitem board.

Did the API upgrade break this too?

You need to use column_values v2 method with ... on MirrorValue{display_value} to get the mirror columns on your subitems.