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Hi! What improvements are planned for’s V2 APIs ?

Hey Stephane,

The API will look totally different in the new version with a lot more things possible. It will also work from inside the platform itself. You will be able to mutate or query. Query is for “get” and mutate is for all the rest.

Here is a list of the entities that can be mutated with the new API:

Here is a list of the entities you can query through the API:
Pulses by column values

More information coming very soon! :slight_smile:


Thank you for that list. I am wondering if we are any closer to a time that this will be released? I know everyone is eagerly waiting for this.

Hey Adam!

Dipro here :slight_smile: The API is currently in very early testing and we’re looking for a gradual rollout over the course of the next few weeks. Thank you for being patient – we’re working really hard on it and are almost there!



Hi I was checking back in on this. Are we close? It’s been about 3 weeks since last posted so I thought I’d ask :grinning:

Hey Adam :slight_smile: We’re still working on it – adding some final touches and should be ready soon.

Thanks for your patience!



How are we not talking about GraphQL in v2 released today! I have to come away from the rest api world into graph but it seems workable.

Kudos on the GraphQL v2. I have many questions but I think i’m in love. great work!

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Hey @kevinmarchese! I’m so glad you like our new API :slight_smile: What’s your favourite thing about it?

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That It will force me to move away from rest lol. I’m not an expert in Graphql but now I have a reason to really dig in. I like that my Axios mutations or post will be easier to write code for. its very easy to make a call to it.

Hey @kevinmarchese – totally agree. Love how expressive GraphQL is for pulling a specific subset of information from your data!

EDIT: I see you’ve posted this question on another thread – I’ll respond there so we don’t clutter this conversation up.

EDIT 2: If anyone’s interested in filtering dates via GraphQL, check out the other thread here: Filtering requests

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