Redirects for existing tasks/guides


Here’s my issue:

Been using Monday now for about 2.5 years
In that time I’ve created a knowledge board with many items on
Some of those items have guides attached to them, so I can link to the guides from pre and post live checklists

By linking directly to the guide in the knowledge board, I can use template boards to create these checklists - great right!

My issue is some of the knowledge boards have become a bit too big and I’d like to separate them out (even using groups they’re just too overwhelming)

Moving the guide breaks the link :frowning:

So, I have ot manually go in and update all the links in the templates that are already in play
That’s a cumbersome job!

Is there any redirect I can use? So when an old link is clicked on it redirects them to the new document location?

(I can update the template for the new checklists not yet in use, but it’s about the checklists that ARE already in use)


@KevG have you tried using filtered views to make the knowledge boards more readable?

I can’t think of a way it would be possible to setup redirects to ‘moved’ items without the setup being as or more cumbersome than updating the links in the templates.

I can’t find a way either, oh well - but thanks for the reply