Reduce notification clutter by using milestone dates

I’d like to create an automation to send a notification that would trigger only on milestones. The idea is to reduce notifications by sending notifications out to a group of people once per milestone rather than for each discrete task. Is this possible?

Hey @gbarker121 :wave:

The easiest way to do this would be to add a Status column to your board that defines the type of task for each item.
You can then easily set up automations that include the ‘when status is X’ logic, so that the notification is only triggered for items with the status ‘milestone’.

Another option could be to use the subitems.
You can use the main level item to record the milestones, and use the subitems to record each task that needs to be completed in order to reach that milestone.
You can then use the following automation:

This would require all of the subitems to be complete before the milestone notification is triggered to users.
You can read more about automations and subitems in the articles below: Automations
The subitems

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Hi Dani,
This almost gets me there. The next question is how do I prevent the now premature notifications that are sent when I assign someone to a subtask that they probably can’t do until the milestone which may be in a few weeks? I don’t want to clutter their notifications with tasks and subtasks that they don’t need to know about until a milestone hits. I need to send notifications when the task needs their attention and not before. The notification stream on an item with 52 subtasks desensitizes everyone to notifications. I need to get that under control so notifications are not ignored.