Notifications: Personalize Triggers

We use our boards to notify our clients when to deliver content to us. At the moment, they’re notified when we change the status, but this can end up sending 8 emails to 1 client, which can quickly flood their inbox and that is NOT our goal!

Being able to send them one email notification listing all items would be ideal (this is a feature we use in Smartsheet.) I’ve tried to create an automation that would do this, but can’t build one that meets the requirements. Being able to see them all in one email, vs receiving multiple emails would allow for the client to see it without logging in to Monday, or use it to forward to their teams for processing with ease on their end.

What I want:
Send a notification every week, if are met, (ie status is ) and if if are met, (ie status is ).

Send Notification (LIST: "column , status , status , date ) every Tuesday, IF status is and status is NOT .

have you been able to figure this out? this could get annoying quickly.

No I haven’t, and it’s becoming an issue. The only way we’re getting around it is not sending notifications and instead exporting the items and emailing them the table. So we’re creating more work internally when we’re trying to eliminate it.

I think we are going to set it up like this. Idk if it’ll work, but

We will have an item and then sub items under it listing out the individual things we need. Then set an automation to send out an email saying we need these things, due by x day. Please click the link to see the full list of items. That way they get 1 notifications, it won’t have all of the things, but at least they know we are requesting documentation