Add Ability to Target an Automation or Integration to Specific Items

We use Monday to help us manage a real estate process by giving us a single location for guiding us through the many tasks required. In a lot of cases it comes down to simply marking the tasks as done. However, to help take the load off the shoulders of the employees it would be nice if Monday could do some of the automatable tasks.

I’m aware it can, for example, e-mail someone some basic details when items are marked complete. However the automation applies to ALL the items. We would need to have the automation or integration apply to a specific item. For example, when we reach a specific point we would want all our buyer’s agents to receive a preview link of a listing when the item is marked complete… but only for that one item. How we get the specific link into the e-mail is another question.

If I’m overlooking a way to accomplish this, please point me in the right direction. If it doesn’t already exist, I’d ask that you consider adding across the board something like “When a status changes to something for these items, notify someone”. If no items are selected then it would default to your current behavior of applying to all items.

Hi @mcmichaelrealty! Am I understanding correctly that you would like an email to be sent out based on the details of one particular item whenever that item is marked as Done?

With the integration recipes like the one below, whenever one item’s status is changed to Done, you can send a customized email to the intended recipients using that item’s details:

This would be specific to the one item that was changed to Done, and would not include information from any other items. Is that what you are looking to do?

If you have some items that you would like to mark as Done, but you wouldn’t want to send out an email for, you could also create a custom status label for this integration. Something like “Email sent” would mean that the item is completed and you intend to trigger the email integration, whereas “Done” would simply mean the item is done.

Does that sound like it would work for your team?

Unless I’m not understanding how the integration works, no, that won’t work. I have a board with say 50 items. I don’t want the integration e-mail to be sent whenever any/all of the 50 items have a status changed to complete. I just want it for ONE specific item. Basically, integration is taken from the board level (all items in a board have the same integration rule) to the item level where we are ble to act on item individually or multiple items collectively. So it would have the potential for all 50 items in the board to do something entirely different if marked complete (or any other change/rule definition).

Here’s the approach I would take…

Create 2 additional status columns: SType and STrigger. For the item(s) that you want this to work on set SType to “Type1”

Create automations:

  • When Status changes to “Done” and SType is “Type1”, change STrigger to “T1”
  • When Status changes to anything and STrigger is not “off”, change STrigger to “off”

Use the integration mentioned by

  • When STrigger changes to “T1”, send an email to someone

If desired, you could setup additional automations/integrations:

  • When Status changes to “Done” and SType is “Type2”, change STrigger to “T2”
  • When STrigger changes to “T2” do somethingelse
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This seems like a surface workaround that could end up getting messy. I am also looking for a resolution to this.

I have to make sure that there are weekly emails going out to clients that send them a link to their dashboard for review.
The status doesn’t matter so it has to be “Anything”.

To follow up on this, I setup an SType column and added a status of “On”, as in when it is On, that will be the item I need emailed.

So it worked in one regard. That being that I only received one email this time for the one client I turned the status to On for.

The problem I’m seeing is when it comes time, I need multiple clients to be receiving emails with links to their dashboards.
If I have On set to lets say four clients, isn’t it just going to send out four emails to each of those four clients, providing them with four links to each dashboard?

My new workaround at the moment is under the Clients respective Workspace Board, creating the SType column there rather than in the directory.
This way for the time being I can create this for each specific client. Not ideal, but this may be my best option at the moment.

Your situation seems to be different than the original poster. Having automation that provided AND/OR logic with multiple criteria would be great and would probably give you what you need. I’m hoping that is a feature monday will provide soon.

I don’t completely understand the specifics of your situation. I may be able to give some help if you can give me the details.

New user here… i also need to be able to target specific issues for automation… can’t figure out how to do it.


I find, for me, the best way to learn after you’ve gotten the basics, is to find a problem then figure out how to fix it.

If you can give us some details of your situation, maybe we can help.

I had this exact same problem and found a workaround. Not the best but it works:

  • I do not assign the client email address to every item on the board
  • I instead use the selection tool to specifically assign which item I would like them to receive a notification for
  • Once they are selected, enter the email address for one item and it will populate all selected items
  • They will then receive emails for all items with the email allocated

Hope this makes sense and solves your problem :slight_smile: