Automation to notify multiple items in 1 (one) action

Hello everyone, i have posted this feature last year in june, i dont get any responses in that time, i think the title was bad and it dont was looking important.

I bring it back to try again, really nobody wants an automation that by itself notify a list of pulses that matched a determinated criteria instead of receiving a list one by one ???

Here goes another example:


This was my post:

An example of my request is Monday Highlights that all of us receive in our emails.
Thats my point, to have an automation that creates one consolidated report of multiple pulses that matches a determinated criteria…

This is great feature request.

Here is how I can see this working for my organization.

Currently we have a board that serves the purpose of inviting instructors to each class (each class is a pulse). Sometimes we need to invite one instructor to 15 or 30 classes. and what the current Gmail integration does now, is that it sends 15 or X amount of emails to that one instructor.

What @hlopezvc recommends is a way to report a summary to that customer or in my case instructors. Ideal format of such summary is the daily highlights email because it includes deadlines / important dates.

If I’m a client or customer (instructor) and I’m getting 15 emails or 200 for each pulse/inquiry, that’s not great customer service. but if instead I’m getting 1 single email SUMMARIZING all pulses/products or orders, that would really be an enhancement. Just think of getting your customers a summary email like the one we currently get for daily highlights. It includes the product/service and the relevant dates.

To put it simply … anyone using Amazon, do you envision getting hundreds of emails for each order and never really being able to see your orders all in one view? That would drive anyone crazy! I think this is what we are getting at here … we need a summary for clients. please consider. Thanks!

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We have the same need. We were hoping to notify people of new tasks, but did not want to send 10 notifications for 10 items that just got generated all at the same time. Batched notifications are the only way to make this manageable.

Hi @hlopezvc, @alejencia, & @horton - Melissa here from the support team! Thank you for writing in about this need. I understand how this could be a useful update to the notification automations, and I have gone ahead and shared your request with our team :slight_smile: Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

2 Likes definitvely this is a must have feature!!! we need this

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Thank you for looking into this.