Automation - Assigned mutiple task but need to get one notification mail with list of items assigned to me

Hi Team,

I would like to know, is there is any automation available like: -
When multiple tasks assigned to particular one person and that task is pending, So can we get only one notification included with all lists of items/tasks assigned to that one person?

does this Automation feature available in

For ex.
In a Board having total 25 task,
10 tasks assigned to person A
and remaining 15 tasks assigned to person B,

So, can we set Automation as when these all 25 tasks are pending, and I set notification:

When status is Pending get Notification to person column

with above automation,
If I am person A,
I get 10 different notifications mail with items names/tasks.

But instead of getting 10 different notifications in mail,
I need only one mail notification includes with all lists of 10 items.

Similarly, for Person B, He/She should get, only one mail notification with lists of 15 items/tasks assigned to person B.

Is it possible with automation??

Appreciate your guidance here!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @Aniket_Katre3!

You bring up a great point here. I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to natively create this in the platform - the notification message will remain specific to the one item and cannot be customised for multiple items. I apologise for the setback here!

That said, you may be able to create this using a third party application such as Integromat or even through our API. You can find more information here, GraphQL API. We also encourage to post any API/developer questions to monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum :smiling_face:

I hope this helps in some way!

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