Refine User Tagging

  • Currently my team use monday as our main source of communication and we need to tag individual people or multiple people in almost every comment.

  • Currently, the way tags work we can tag people or tasks. The dropdown often takes a moment to load the tasks and often causes issues when it takes 5+ seconds to add in tasks and then jumps the dropdown. So when I go to select @Chanelle Quezada or @Benjamin Espiritu I end up selecting @Chanelle Review Quikly Provided LP or @Ben Holiday Video + Stills because it literally moves the dropdown so my cursor hits the wrong line even though I didn’t move it. My request is to separate the ability to tag people and tasks. I suggest reserving @ for tagging people and then a different symbol for tasks. This way the tool isn’t trying to pull both and it is way harder to accidentally tag the wrong thing.

  • The impact is it slows us down and can be very stressful and frustrating. I’ve waited over 30 seconds for the dropdown to finally show all of the options and there are often times when I need to move faster. Or times when I think the dropdown won’t jump so I click the person’s name but in the second I press the cursor down it does.

  • Workarounds are slowing down or not tagging people and slacking them the monday link. Or just always using the @everyone on this task tag.