Tagging non Monday.com people as responsible for tasks

Hi, we use Monday.com but much of our colleagues across state government do not. We often assign tasks to people who are not Monday.com users (and are not appropriate to add as Viewers or Guests), however we can’t actually add their name in the same column as our Monday.com users. This means adding a separate column to manage the same information, and reduces the usability of the information (as the Monday.com people picker is linked to a list of users, where tagging non-users will either be a list we need to maintain, or a single cell with comma separated names). This is problematic for many reasons, but the top issue (for me) is that I can never see everyone responsible in one place, and I can’t replicate the same format in another column anyway.

Is there a way that users could type in a name to the people picker field, and be given the option to ‘add non-Monday.com user’. This way we could repeat select the same person, reducing the human error of spelling as we would select the same, but also allowing all people who are required to be tagged, without the unnecessary (and potentially inappropriate) creation of many Viewer or Guest accounts.

Note - there would be no expectation that Monday.com would email notify the non-users, as they would be a name only.

Thanks for your consideration!

Totally agree here. I have to use the same kind of workaround.