Best way to list multiple non-users?

We’re tracking projects in board, and many of those projects involve working with people who are not in the company and not users. We don’t actually want the outside contacts to see the board itself, but we want to list them in the relevant rows so we can track who is involved in what. Complicating matters is the fact that there may be more than one outsider involved per project, and we want to list them all. The email column would have been my first choice, but as far as I can tell, it only supports one email address at a time. We could use a text field, but I was wondering if there is a best practice here? Thanks


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Use the mirror column to link to a separate boar with a list of all contacts for all projects, like a CRM board.

Using hastags allows you to use mutiple tags/people in one row?

@nickj that idea is interesting. On another platform we have a company field and the contact people options are lookups from a people table joined on the company.