[RELEASED] Items_by_column_values for multiple-user

How to work with items_by_column_values for search by email user,

I thought it would be something like that :
items_by_column_values(board_id:12346, column_id:123456,column_value:‘test@email.com’){id name column_values_str}}

Thank you

Hey @Marcel – at the moment you cannot search for an assignee using their email address.

I don’t believe what you’re looking for is possible at the moment. When you use the items_by_column_values query, it searches on the text field of a column. If the text field does not match your query string exactly, it will not return the item.

Does that make sense?

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Yep, very clear ! Thank you !

I have been going crazy running similar query. Though I don’t find it logical exact string matches can be tricky specially for user field.

@vishwajeets – Yes, if you’re trying to search a column with multiple values in it the items_by_column_values query is not suitable.

Instead, it may be more efficient for you to get all the data from your board and filter in your application.


Hey @dipro
Out of curiosity, aside from query complexity limit, is there any limit on number of boards/items/columns returned by a query?

We don’t enforce a limit on the number of items on a query, no!

However, we do have a 60 second timeout on all API requests, so if you’re retrieving a lot of data (thousands and thousands of items) your request might time out.

Thanks , it’s more of workaround as this will be highly inefficient depending on number of records you end up querying.

Hi there @vishwajeets!

Thanks for your honest feedback here! I definitely agree this is a great improvement point for our team. We’ll make sure the developers see this as an opportunity to make using our API even better. :slight_smile:


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Hi all,

Wanted to update that we do now support filtering by multiple column values within a single column. Check out my most recent announcement here.