[RELEASED] Items by Multiple Column Values Query

:sparkles: :sparkles: Hi everyone!

Happy to announce that we have released a new API method items_by_multiple_column_values() that will allow you to retrieve your items using multiple column values from the same column. This has been a highly requested feature, and we’re very excited to share it with you all!

This new method utilizes the same arguments and fields as the items_by_column_values() method. For more information, check out our API documentation on this method here.

Here is an example query using this new method:

query {
     items_by_multiple_column_values(board_id: 12345, column_id: "status15", column_values: ["Working on it", "In progress", "Incomplete"]){

In this case, I am querying for items with multiple values within a single status column. The response should return a set of item IDs that contain those status values.

Definitely give this new method a try and let us know your thoughts! Next stop: filtering by multiple columns and their column values.