Remove or Hide Workspaces

I have multiple workspaces that I am not apart of but since the company is a designated team and the person who created the workspace added the team as members they are on my Home page and other places.

It would be helpful to be able not only to organize them of importance but to also remove my self or hide them so I do not have to see them in my dropdown or on my Home page.

Hey @Ariesence,

Thanks for sharing your feature request :pray:

We hear you and recognise there is demand for this feature. In order to ensure we have all votes counted to put greater emphasis on this features development, we have merged your request into this existing feature request.

Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response. Your opinion is important to us, so keep the votes up and explore other feature requests you’d like to see brought to life :pray:

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