Hide Entire Workspace(s) from My Work View

My team has a sandbox and template workspace that we use. The sandbox workspace is used for testing and no real data is collected there. The template workspace has all of the custom templates created for our account so that it does not clutter our main workspace.

The My Work view pulls items from all workspaces across the account, which is a great feature depending on how different teams use workspaces. In my instance, it would be great to be able to hide an entire workspace from the “My Work” View instead of hiding each board, because we know that items in the sandbox and template view are not actual items that need to be tracked.

I agree. This would work for our situation but for other reasons. We have teams to Program Manage that have tasks across multiple boards and workspaces. However, mostly, the Program Managers only want to see the tasks in ONE workspace. We like the “My Work” view as it pulls in all of the boards / tasks of each team in one place.

However, since most of the people on the team are also on other teams or just individually have work in other workspaces, every time we use to the My View, we have to sort (customize) all of the new boards that are not on our ONE workspace and check for any new ones added to our ONE workspace. This can be a VERY long list and the boards are not in alphabetical order when we sort, so we have to scroll through everything and uncheck what isn’t needed each time.

So, having the “Workspace” sort feature would solve this issue and allow us to sort by our ONE team only and our ONE workspace only. Sorting by Board is too much of a list to manage.


Adding a BIG “Yes, PLEASE” vote to this one!!! I was also using another workspace as a sandbox and was a bit shocked to see those items pop up in My Work.