Remove the "Start conversation" button.

I saw discussions about this in FAQs, but I didn’t see anyone adding this to Submit an Idea to vote on this topic. The “Open item page” and “Start conversation” buttons are equivalent. This button just clutters the Task column. I am suggesting removing the “Start conversation” button.

I would prefer to remove the “Open item page” button since it moves when hovering over pulses and I often click it when I’m trying to edit a pulse name. I never actually use this option to open the updates panel, I always use the conversation button since it’s always visible and in the same place.

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Highly agree. As someone with ADHD this is just another bit of visual clutter which can make it harder to focus. Would be good if this could be optional instead of default.

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Also agree! Would love the option to remove.

I agree this would be a great feature! I normally screenshot a board and use it to report the high-level status of projects. The “Start conversation” button is extra noise the executives do not want to see. Same goes for the subitem count. Wish I could hide both to have a cleaner view/report.