That the "Start Conversation" button of the item, got to the "Update" Section and not to default section

Each Element in a board has the first part that is fixed so that its structure cannot be modified or the order can be changed.
Within this part, I number what it contains from left to right.

  • Selection check
  • “Expand sub elements” button
  • Name of the element.
  • “Open element page” button. It always shows the section defined as default and it seems OK to me that it is so.
  • “Start Conversation” button: Always shows the section defined as default.

I want this butto, show de “Update” section. since if I press there it is because I want to see or send an update

Hey @ripaus - would you be able to further clarify your feature request here? :pray:

If I am understanding correctly, when opening the updates section of an item/subitem you would like the updates section to open by default and not the default item view? Is this correct?

If so, you can adjust the settings so that the updates section opens to the default view:

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.11.28 pm

Let me know if I am on the right track in here!

I know that can be done. But what I say is that it would be better if it could have another section by default. Which opens when I click on the button “Open element page”

And that apart when I click on the “Start Conversation” button the update section is shown and not also that it is the default one.

In other words, the “Start conversation” button as it is now the only function it has is to show the number of conversations that this section has but it always opens the default one and not the “update” one. In other words, it could easily not be a button because it does exactly the same as the other “Open element page”.

But since this would be much better, do something different like open the update section.

I think it would be useful because you save a step by wanting to see the conversations. Without losing the functionality that apart when I click on “Open element page” another one opens that may need to be opened by default.