Removing the checklist strikethrough

Hey guys!

Currently when you tick an item on a checklist it also has a strikethrough. Is it possible to have an option to remove this (or just remove it in general).

We use the checklist for things that need to be prepared for meetings and when it has a strikethrough it looks like the request means we don’t want that particular item. It’s a bit confusing!

Thanks! =)

Hi there,

Has there been any update on this feature request please? The strikethrough is very misleading when using the checklist to select items you need in a list.


Hello! We have the same issues, any ETA? It’s very important to have this displayed properly

I’d would also like this feature to be updated so that the the strikethrough does not occur. Looking at the dates in this discussion thread and seeing no ‘’ support response, where is the best way to elevate this matter so we can get a response?