Tasks with many checklists suddenly deletes ALL checklists!

I was going between my drafting software and Monday adding checklists to a large Task entry. I was saving the Task between updates but then I returned to Monday and saw that only the headings in my task list remained- ALL the checklists were gone.

Other subscribed teammates were able to see the checklists still, but it wasn’t until I closed and reopened Monday that the checklists were back. Gave me a real panic that I had lost so much work.

Anyone experience this before? Anything I should be worried about?

Hey James! This definitely sounds odd! Everything in monday saves instantaneously so you shouldn’t need to save anything.

When you say you were writing checklists, were these in the Updates Section of an item?

If so, it might be worth posting these updates even if you are not done with them because you can always use the “edit” button to return to editing the update.

Additionally, perhaps clearing your browser cookies/cache will help this not happen again! It’s worth a try :blush:

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Thanks for the suggestions, Charlotte! Will definitely post updates more often instead of leaving the task open and editable.