Bug: Loosing assignees of task, when switching to another board


during the day we started to have really problematic bug: When adding a team member to a task, it seems this change is not saved correctly. After switching to another board and coming back to the board with this change, the field switches back to the last state. You really can see it, that the field has the last change and then flipping to the older version.

Please help! We can’t use Monday with this bug.

Update: The problem was a somehow buggy assignee-column. I needed to add a new one and deleted the old one.

But: This was scary and we have lost two hours of work because of this. :cry:
Please have look at this.

Is this a known issue, that sometimes columns are getting buggy and not holding the last changes?

Hey there! Sorry to be hopping in here so late! If you encounter this issue again, will you let us know at support@monday.com? Our technical support engineers will be able to get to work on this immediately! Thank you!

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