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Hello, I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but I’m trying to write a simple formula that looks at the title in the Name column, and removes the text “(copy)” from the name. The “(copy)” appears in the name because I have an automation that duplicates entries and this text apparently gets added automatically, and I would prefer to not have to remove them manually each time. I tried using the REPLACE function to no avail. Any help would be appreciated!!

@adrianzen Welcome to the Monday community!

REPLACE would not be the ideal function because it requires you to input the number of characters in the string to replace. SUBSTITUTE would be the easier function to use but it doesn’t work 100%:

You can see from my examples that is has no problem removing “copy” but for some reason leaves “()”. Not sure why that’s the case. Calling in some help/explanation @Helen . The TRIM function was added because we are replacing the

If you haven’t already I would check out General Caster. Its and app in the Monday Marketplace that runs formulas outside of Monday and then cast them into text or number columns. Useful in lots of ways and also has a similar formula for this case.

But based on your question, why do you want it removed via a Formula? There might be a better way to accomplish this if I know more about it.

Andrew, thank you so much for the prompt and detailed response! I really appreciate the assistance. I think I will go with your suggestion as it works fine for my purposes, but if @Helen does have any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

I can’t think of another way to do this besides using a formula. I created an automation that creates a number of pulses based on certain conditions, but because they are duplicates, put’s "(copy) by default in each item. Check out the screenshot. Thanks again for all your help!

@adrianzen & @andrewalmand,

These 2 formulas will work:

TRIM(SUBSTITUTE({Name},"\(copy\)"," "))


IF(RIGHT({Name},7) = " (copy)" ,LEFT({Name},LEN({Name})-7),{Name})

If you want to actually change the name of the new item, I would follow Andrew’s suggestion: General Caster App or look to Integromat.


Thank you so much for the prompt response. Much appreciated!


Jim brings up a good point:

If you want to actually change the name of the new item

Which is what I was actually trying to get at when asking for more info. Adding the formula will only change the name in the Formula Column, not in the Name column. For that I second the use of Integromat.

Hope this was all helpful!

Hi Andrew, yes, but I will then mirror the new Name column to another board. I will check out Itegromat for sure. Thanks, you’ve all been great!

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Any ideas on how to achieve this vía general Caster? I can cast a fórmula result in the ítems name?


I haven’t used General Caster myself. But, I believe it can do that.

It’s available in the monday App Store. Here is the website: General Caster

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I don’t think it can do this no. GC can cast the same result of the formula that Jim provided(different functions and formatting) but to my knowledge you cannot cast the result into the Name column of an item. General Caster mostly works like a replacement for the Monday formula column, avoiding its issues with limited interaction with automations/integrations.


If you need something to change an items name, Integromat is you best bet.

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thanks! @andrewalmand for your comments

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Can you clarify for us whether or not General Caster can change the Name column?

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