Copy Description Column Values to Item Values

Hi everyone,

Im trying to copy A Description Column Values to Item Values with no success.
Any formula/automation I can use to do so?

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Hi @Reut.h :wave:

You can do this with ‘Column Magic: Copy’ in the app Marketplace.

This recipe is one of a few different trigger options but will copy a text column (or other type) and replace the item name with it:

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Hi Reut,

It can’t be done without a 3rd party app, like the Advanced Formula Booster. Formulas in use the formula column and there is no automation that will modify the name of an item.

On the other hand, the Advanced Formula Booster can target any column (including the item name). In this case, you would simply write the following formula:
{Name} = {Column}
and create an automation to run the formula (typically you would create the automation “Every time {Column} changes, run the formula”. Very simple.

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This worked!

Thanks, I used the Peta’s solution