Automation to copy the item text to another column

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out a way to make an automation based on item creation from a form.

So lets say the user submits the form, the item is created and then, the item is copied/mirrored to another column that for example is a dropdown (so yes, it would become a dropdown item).

The idea behind this is for the users who already submitted a form to be able to relate to their previous answer if needed.

I am unable to use any apps, due to internal limitations on integrating any apps with

Thanks in advance!

You will not find a solution to this without either an app, or creating a custom scenario that uses the API. At least at this time. There are no built in facilities to automate copying data between columns in the same board.

Yeah was afraid this would be the case, thanks for the reply Cody!

Its unfortunately that even with a security review, apps aren’t allowed, since this is very doable with an app.

Yes, it really is. And frustrating as well, because I’m running often into these type of walls and for some, like this one, it’s impossible to find workarounds.

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Out of curiosity, have they ever said “with a security review” is possible and offered to give an app developer a security questionnaire? I’ve navigated corporate IT security before so I know how it goes.


Not at this point, but potentially next year. Crossing fingers!

I have built a system using Monday’s native automations that does basically what you’re describing, but it requires the use of two boards.

There’s the one the form dumps everything into, and a second one that I actually use to review the submissions—where I’ve formatted the responses into more streamlined columns, and which allows the internal team to have discussions in the Updates section that the form responder does not see. I have a few mirror columns in each board, and automations that keep everything in sync (so, for example, when the internal Request Status value is changed, the user-facing Request Status value is updated accordingly).

If this sounds like a possible solution for your use case, I’d be happy to chat more.


Hi Alex,

Thank you and yes please! Now reading your reply switched a light on, I guess I was set on making it work in one board only. But would love to hear more about your setup. Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear that!

Basically, I didn’t like that the native form tool is so finicky and so directly linked with every column. The form facilitates four different types of requests, with follow-up questions for each (some the same, some different) and because of Workforms’ limited conditional logic, I had to have a separate variant of the questions that are the same for each request type—which resulted in several columns in the table that were all storing the same type of information. I also didn’t like that the only options for item name were ‘let the form submitter name it’ or have it be auto-named ‘incoming form response’; I wanted more useful information in the title (that helps a lot when working out of the My Work page!)

So I created a second board, which is a streamlined version. For example, there is only one “Description” field, and ALL variants of that question map their values into that one column. There’s only one “Add’l Information” column, and several request-type-specific answers go in there. Etc.

I have a bunch of automations on board 1 (12, in fact) that create items in board 2 and connect the items (via a two-way Connect Boards column). When configuring the automations, I can map the values received from the form however I want into the columns of that second board. Then I also have some automations to keep the two separate versions of “Request Status” column in sync (the language used for each status option differs between the internal board and the form-board, but I was able to translate by mirroring board 1’s status column into board 2, then configuring automations in board 2 to translate (e.g. "When [internal] request status changes to ‘In triage’, change [mirrored] request status to ‘Working on it!’)

There are some more nifty nuances involved, but I’m not sure how ‘in the weeds’ it makes sense to get here.

Here are some screenshots in case helpful. If you have specific questions, let me know. :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m self-employed (despite happily revealing some of my solutions here for free :laughing:), and my business specializes in building workflow automations for other orgs. If you’d like to talk more and/or hire me to help with something similar, check out my website. :grin:

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