Reporting last 30 days, etc.?

I know there are options for this month, last month etc. but what if I am on the 2nd of the month? I need to pull the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days - If I choose this month - it only shows me the last 11 days( as of December 11th) if I choose last month, it only shows me November - if I choose both - come December 31st I will have two full months worth of data…am I missing something? Is it really not possible to get timed data from Monday reporting? Open to app suggestions at no additional cost.


Hi @Sara413 - you can use the “In the last” date filter for this:

Hope this helps,

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I KNEW I had to be missing something! Thank you so much!!

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haha okay I may have gotten exicted too soon - so what if I wanted to see say any items that have not hade a column change in the last # of days?

i.e. Show me any tasks that have not had a status log(text column) update within the last 30 days?

But truly, thanks again, the above already solved half of the issue :slight_smile:

Hey @Sara413 - just add the “Last Updated” column type to your board, then use the same filter on it as a regular date column :slight_smile:

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