Reporting on Specific Columns Across Multiple Boards

  • Use Case: I have multiple project boards that are all set up with the same columns.
  • Frame the feature request/feedback: I am looking to pull a report of specific columns from all the boards. E.g., all boards have a "dashboard status column. I would like to pull all “Dashboard Status” columns into an excel file.
  • Help us understand the impact: Reporting across multiple boards is almost non-existent in, so I have no way to aggregate findings and create SLAs based on metrics.
  • List any workarounds: I export all columns from all boards and manually adjust it to what I need (this takes hours every time!!)

hi @sselverian

Welcome to the community! The Rollup Multiple Boards app aggregates data from multiple project boards. The project boards are created from the master board based on monday templates. See this doc for more details.

Hi @sselverian! I’m wondering if you found a solution? We are trying to do something similar.