Require an Update Based on Status Change

I am looking for the ability to require an update/comment be made on an item when a status changes.
The specific use case is to require an update when a status is moved to blocked or canceled so a blocked or canceled reason can be entered as an update.
We have discussed internally as a team to add these updates, but it is easy to forget making it difficult to enforce without the tool requiring it.

Hi @kaylak,

Is this the type of automation recipe you’re looking for?

Let me know if this isn’t the case and feel free to elaborate further :slight_smile:

Hi Bianca,

No, unfortunately this does not solve my question.

When someone moves something to blocked I would like them to be prompted to add an update with their reason, but this automation wouldn’t solve the issue because the reason could be many different things like shipping delays, not enough information, wrong part ordered etc.
I believe in other tools this is referred to as a transition screen.

Ah I understand what you mean here!

Hm, could something like this work for you in the meantime? Using the status column notes feature? I understand ideally you’d want the note/update to happen automatically, but I wonder if this gets you a step closer to what you’re looking to achieve :pray: